Scientific Objectives

  • Coronal waves as a source of coronal heating
  • Dynamics of coronal loops:formation and evolution
  • Temperaturediagnostics of the corona using line ratiotechiniques
  • Development, dynamics and origin of CMEs
  • Vital inputs to Space weather Prediction
  • Topology of magnetic fields

Important Properties of the Corona

  • Outer atmosphere of the sun is known as solar corona
  • Coronal intensities in the visible wavelength is million time fainter compared to the disk intensities
  • Density at the limb is about 10-12 of the photosphere (Electron density i around 109)
  • Exponential fall of density from the solar limb
  • High temperature of the solar corona (1-2 million) degrees compared to 5700 at the visible photosphere
  • Emission in EUV and X-rays are higher compared to the photosphere

Structures seen in Corona

  • Streamer structures
  • Coronal loops
  • Plumes and inter-plumes
  • Energetic events: Flares, Coronal Mass Ejection (CMEs)